Hall of AIME Nominations

Hall of AIME Nominations

  • Nominations open on October 1.
  • Nominations close on November 18.
  • A specific person can only be nominated once per award category.
  • Multiple nominations are allowed for different award categories.
  • Please submit only one nomination per form.
  • Stay tuned – we are announcing nominees in December!
  • Award winners will be announced at the Hall of AIME event in January.


Visionary Award

The Visionary Award is presented to wholesale professionals that lead the way to make positive changes for the whole of the broker community. These pioneers are the trailblazers for brokerages to keep a competitive edge in the industry through new methods of lead generation, client portals, broker-based software, social media, or any other means of making brokers the leaders in their industry.

Visionary – Breakthrough

The Visionary Breakthrough Award is for the groundbreaking success of an exemplary wholesale professional who has entered new communities by spearheading initiatives to establish broker presence in new, uncharted territories.

Visionary – Growth

The Visionary Growth Award is for the standout leader of our community who has facilitated the most unprecedented development, progress, and growth for their community. This person is directly responsible for the most marked growth in business, reach, and the scope of services rendered in their community.

Visionary – Innovation

The Visionary Innovation Award is for a pioneering wholesale professional who has established new or improved means of serving their communities. This member has changed the game with industry-wide innovations that have improved the mortgage experience for both members and consumers.

Sparking Change Award

Salutes AIME members and partners leading transformative change within the wholesale industry to advance Active Duty and Military Veterans, minorities, and women.

Sparking Change – Women

The Sparking Change for Women Award goes to the community member who has taken it upon themselves to establish tangible, positive change for women in the broker community. Women industry-wide owe a thanks to this member for everything they’ve accomplished in 2022.

Sparking Change – Minority

The Sparking Change for Minority Award is for the community member who has taken on adversity head-on to move the industry forward towards inclusivity- which has positively impacted minority communities, thus improving the industry at large.

Sparking Change – Military

The Sparking Change for Military Award is for the active military or veteran member who has advocated for their military peers in the mortgage industry, as well as for the veteran consumers we pledge to serve. This military member has lifted up their peers to better serve the VA community nationwide.

Sparking Change – Brokers/BRAWL

The Sparking Change for Brokers Rallying Against Wholetail Lending (BRAWL) Award is for one member exemplifying the movement created to hold retail banks and lending corporations accountable for their predatory practices. This member has helped the community identify and address the flaws in retail mortgages, and made the mortgage industry recognize that Brokers ARE Better.

Sparking Change – Advocacy

The Sparking Change for Advocacy Award is for the community member who has brought advocacy for brokers to new heights in 2022, introducing campaigns and calls to action to involve and unite more members nationwide than ever before. This member is directly responsible for the increased broker presence in government venues, initiating change for brokers nationwide.

Impact Award

Recognizes AIME members who have had a substantial impact on the broker community as a whole in education, leadership, culture, industry, and consumer advocacy.

Impact – Consumer Advocacy

The Impact for Consumer Advocacy Award is for the member or partner who has selflessly advocated for the borrowers and consumers pursuing wholesale mortgage options. This exemplary broker community member has made mortgages more accessible, intuitive, and consumer friendly; making homeownership possible for more consumers than ever before. 

Impact – Culture

The Impact for Culture Award goes to the broker or partner who has made the largest, most positive change in the broker community’s culture in 2022; this considerate individual has set the precedent for brokers within the community by publicly leading by example, holding themselves and the community at large to a higher standard. They’ve proven Brokers Are Better, by making brokers even better.

Impact – Education

The Impact for Education Award goes to the paramount teacher and leader of educational programming in the community. This member has made the largest impact this year for members educated and empowered with lifelong resources and lessons to pass on to the next generation of brokers, to better serve the community and consumers nationwide.

Impact – Leadership

The Impact for Leadership Award goes to the member who has been the driving force for the entire membership community of Brokers Are Better. This has been the person we’ve all looked to as the best of what the broker community has to offer, and who we’ve all followed the example of, heading into new programming, initiatives, and movements. This person has elevated the standards of what we are by exemplifying the best of what we can be.

Impact – Pillar

The Impact Pillar Award goes to the member that has been the definitive cornerstone of our industry. This person has been the most reliable, helpful, and supportive presence for the entire year. It is now that we acknowledge the most consistently helpful member of our community, in the way they deserve to be appreciated and lauded year-round.