Michelle Chretien
NMLS # 148215
(603) 782 5275
Empire Mortgage Corporation
NMLS # 1929987
Licensed In ["NH"]
Languages ["English"]
Manchester, NH
  • 20 Years
  • AIME Comittee
  • Women Owned
Engagement Points: 30

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Empire Mortgage Corporation

575 South Willow Street Suite 211
Manchester, NH

Broker Bio

I am proud to be the owner of Empire Mortgage Corporation. We are a family run business who wants to help you achieve the dream of home ownership. After working in industry for over 20 years we opened our doors January 2020. Once you come to see us at Empire Mortgage Corporation you are part of the Empire Family.

Community Feedback

John Splendore
5 months ago
Michelle is absolutely top shelf, she's knowledgeable, down to earth, easy to work with, AND does her very best to get her borrowers the best rate possible (and usually beats the competition).
William Henshaw (LiveFreeHI)
8 months ago
Michelle was an absolute charm! I enjoyed working with her and everything was handled extremely well for me. I am thoroughly appreciative of all that empire mortgage did to assist in the purchase of my home!
Joey Hogan
8 months ago
Michelle, Pamela, and Matt were all a pleasure to work with. They made the entire process simple and were quick to answer any questions I had. I will be recommending Empire to all of my friends and family.
Christopher Broome
2 years ago
Michelle, Pamela, and Matt were wonderful through our refinancing. They were thorough in their explanation of the process, diligent in responding to my questions, and were able to keep up with fast pace of flying paperwork to get our closing done quickly and efficiently before the end of the year. 10/10 would recommend.
Jared Foster
2 years ago
At first Michelle seemed great, but completely ghosted me after I questioned the closing cost on my potention re-fi. This was after I filled out all the necessary forms, had my credit checked, and submitting all the necessary documents. Could not get a response back and after several emails without a follow up, I looked elsewhere. The 2nd company found Empire's mistake and told me the reason I was ghosted was most likely due to the severity of the mistake. Listen everyone makes mistakes, but be upfront and professional. Its completely unprofessional to not be responsive. I'd look elsewhere.