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Lakeview Mortgage, LLC

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Amber Culwell
2 months ago
Sadly, my experience with this company was beyond horrible. Rather than determining what documentation was needed from me and asking for everything at the same time. I received request, after request, after request. Every time I provided them with the documentation requested and thought that was it, another email would arrive requesting more documentation and it was always needed ASAP. Unfortunately a lot of the documentation needed was not available in electronic form, therefore, I was having to drive to a bank to get a print out of the documentation, then find a place where I could pay $5- to have it faxed. Lakeview does not appreciate that when you live in rural NH, everything is a drive. My bank, nor Staples are next door. It's not a "quick or easy" task when you work full time, and are expected to produce documentation at the drop of a hat. There is no appreciation that that one document may take you hours or obtain, then more time to drive to a location who has a public fax for hire. As if buying a home isn't stressful enough, having your loan officer insult you and belittle you when you get upset at such requests is unconscionable. I was expected to drop everything and produce information in a timeline that was near impossible, yet my loan officer couldn't understand why this would cause me stress. I have never worked with anyone in this capacity who was so rude, disrespectful, and routinely verbally insulted me. If I conducted my job in the same manner, I'd lose my job. My suggestion.....Organize what you need in advance, make a thorough list, and thoughtfully request ALL needed documentation at the SAME time, giving the customer a reasonable amount of time to produce the requested information. Appreciate that not everyone lives in a city and has a bank or Staples next door. Appreciate that your customers also work full time. If you are organized and respect your customers, there will never be a need to make numerous requests for information / documentation. My response to my loan officer was a direct reflection of how I was treated. No customer, EVER, should be insulted or belittled. The old saying, "the customer is always right", does not exist with this company. In my line of work, I often deal with individuals who are screaming at me, swearing at me, being rude and disrespectful, but as a professional, it is my job to ALWAYS be polite and respectful to my clients, regardless of how I am being treated by them . It's called being a mature professional. This company is so disorganized, no one knows what the other is doing and it created a nearly intolerable experience. STAY AWAY from this company.
Jenny Berger
a year ago
I worked with Chris at Lakeview Mortgage on purchasing a home in New Hampshire. Chris was a dream to work with, taking the time to explain things, answer questions, and provide needed guidance. Chris always made sure that I understood what was happening at each step of the process & that I had the info I needed. Communication throughout the process was blessedly open & straightforward and submitting required documents online was also super-easy. I was prepared for the process to take months, but Chris & team had me closing in a matter of weeks & at a great interest rate. I really can't thank Chris (and all at Lakeview Mortgage) enough for all the help & support. Very highly recommended!
George Jack
a year ago
I can't say enough about how amazingly helpful Eric LaFleur and the entire team at Lakeview Mortgage were throughout the entire Mortgage process. They took an undertaking that had many parts with each part having multiple facets to it, broke everything down so it was easy to understand and even easier to follow through on. They were tirelessly patient with my questions and kept me in the loop every step of the way. I don't have enough words to describe their professionalism and would absolutely recommend them to anyone looking for a mortgage. They helped us realize the dream of home ownership and I am forever grateful.
Kelly Grasso
a year ago
I used Lakeview Mortgage for my home purchase in 2020 and a refinance in 2022. I've worked with several mortgage brokers over the years and Lakeview's team and process is by far the best. They worked diligently to get the best interest rate, and reduce closing costs despite some unique challenges that came up along the way. Their web portal makes application and document submission super easy. Their communication was A+, making the closing process a breeze. I highly recommend Eric and the team at Lakeview for your mortgage needs.
a year ago
Everyone at Lakeview was very friendly, responsive and easy to work with. Chris went to bat for me and absolutely knocked it out of the park! I'm really glad I went with Lakeview Mortgage for my first home and will recommend them to anyone in the market.